sábado, 17 de setembro de 2011

Jdeveloper 11.1.2 Fails to render web pages in Design Mode

Hi all!

I was facing some issues with this new Jdeveloper release (11.1.2) also called a "SHERMAN" release.

The problem seldom appears but probably did some developers to reinstall the tool. Here is a sreen of the bug in all of its glory:

This bug usually occurs when something is wrong with your web project in particular, but when I looked into other projects it was happening to everything loaded with Jdeveloper, so this is not a project-specific bug.

After some time working out with Jdev user directory (here I find it under C:\Documents and Settings\MY_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\Dados de aplicativos\JDeveloper\system11., deleting and moving directorys around I released that a specific directory was giving the issue, its name is "o.j2ee.jsplib".

Looks like this directory store some information about libs that IDE uses to visualize JSF components, like taglibs or something else.

You just have to delete this directory and let Jdeveloper recreate it for you on the next start. Something inside this directory was not letting Mojarra Library start, here is a screen with the issue corrected:

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