sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

JDeveloper Data Control palette is missing

In day-to-day use JDeveloper always make some weird things by itself... Here I'am showing how to solve the most common one, the Data Control Palette got hidden somewhere in the darkness...

Screen showing the Palette:

Altough I was not able to reproduce the problem I know how to solve it, you just have to go to Window Menu and click "Reset Windows to Factory Settings", that'll fix some lost tag in one of JDeveloper configuration XML's.

404 Error while running a Bounded Task Flow inside Dialog


When running a task-flow as a dialog do not forget to add those attributes to the button that calls the btf:
useWindow="true" windowHeight="400" windowWidth="500"

Without this you'll probably run into a 404 error, here is part of the exception (pt-BR message):
 <XmlHttpServletResponse> <_logException>   
 javax.servlet.ServletException: ADF_FACES-60101:Código de Status de Erro de HTTP: 404."  

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

JBO-25030 Error with entity association marked as composition

Just posting for future reference. I had a JBO-25030 today and its problem was associated to a Entity Assocation marked as "Composition", the problem is that new rows doesn't contain a default associated item.

Eg: You create a product without its category and product category is a Composition Association from the Products table to the Product Categories table.